1. Angry as I Am

From the recording Angry as I Am (Single)

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Angry as I Am

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Angry as I Am

Vocals/Guitars - Shaun David,
Drums - Dean DeCastro,
Bass - Brandon Bigelow

Written by Shaun David Milella.
Arranged by Shaun David Milella, Dean DeCastro, and Brandon Bigelow.
Mixed and Engineered by Alex James Muscat.
Produced by Shaun David Milella and Alex James Muscat, with Dean DeCastro, and Brandon Bigelow.
Recorded at 7th Chord Studio.
Art by Brandon Bigelow.


I'm too old to be
as angry as I am
If I could steal a thing
it'd be the heart of a dying man
that's holding on to gravity
escaping the damned

I'll say what I need
to justify the means
when I take what I need
Do you need me?

shouting in your ear
the truth is hard to find I know
but you my dear
nothing but a crystal lining
just trying to shine