1. Candle to Burn

From the recording Born in the Summer

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Candle to Burn

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Candle to Burn

Vocals/Guitars - Shaun David
Bass Guitar/Vocals - Brandon Bigelow
Drums/Vocals - Dean DeCastro

Written by Shaun David Milella.
Arranged by Shaun David Milella, Dean DeCastro, and Brandon Bigelow.
Mixed and Engineered by Alex James Muscat.
Produced by Shaun David Milella and Alex James Muscat, with Dean DeCastro, and Brandon Bigelow.
Recorded at 7th Chord Studio.
Art by Brandon Bigelow.


a blind compromise
so we fantasize
of peace and quiet
rules, too big of shoes
to fill, your woos
are hard to prove

I ain't waiting for the candle to burn
I ain't waiting for the young to learn from you
I ain't waiting for my lover to leave
I ain't waiting 'round to button your sleeves for you
although you want me to

your bed is nice and dressed
with pillows to rest
your head and breast
the floor for the dirty and poor
a cough and a snore
keep rowing the oars

been a while now but everybody knows
tunnel underground where everybody goes

and for you a perfect jewel
for when times are cruel
and you're praying for blue
moons, your relief is soon
so build your cocoon
we'll prepare balloons